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01 Jun
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 21)

Over the past few weeks, Dr Andrew Thomson has noticed the barrel getting lighter and lighter. Worried that there would be nothing left for the big cask opening at the end of this month, he called in expert help. Gord Reed, Director of Customer Solutions...

31 May
What colour is your coffee?

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to The Green Beanery in Toronto to buy a half pound of beans for our home roasting experiment. When faced with a wall of choices, we were unable to make a firm decision and bought six different types. I justified...

30 May
Playing with fire

When I was in Nova Scotia this week, Jodi introduced me to Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op, the first fair trade roasters in Canada. You know the owners are passionate when they mortgage their house to start a business with 10 tons of green beans...

29 May
Restaurant Signs

Photo by Myhsu. I've got to learn to pick up on hints. But I was so anxious to relive the wonderful restaurant experience Andrew and I had five years ago while on vacation, I ignored the obvious clues that disappointment was just a fork load away....

28 May
Crazy for Crockpots

Stephanie, aka the Crockpot Lady, is one brave cook. She's vowed to make a crockpot recipe a day -- every day -- for 2008. Not only does she make the expected soups and stews, she steps outside the slowcooker box and makes falafels. And pancakes. And stuffed...

27 May
Recipe for Success

As part of the Blog a Day for the Month of May challenge, I'm doing a blog swap with fellow writer, Elizabeth Kricfalusi. She and I have a lot in common besides making a living with words. She loves to travel, has a soft spot...

26 May
Fiddleheads and friendship

I had a number of treats today. First, I drove to the visually stunning and fertile Annapolis Valley to visit my friend Jodi DeLong, a freelance writer, avid gardener and creator of the blog Blooming Writer. Not only did I meet her horse, 27-year-old donkey...

25 May
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 20)

This week, the barrel did not turn. Instead of performing a rotation, Dr. Andrew Thomson spent his day offering sage advice and lessons hard learned to fellow travelers in the business history crowd. And just what could tear him away from his precious cask? This photo contains...

24 May
Edna Staebler – Our piece of her legacy

It's more than a little ironic that I, the family foodie and knitting addict, do not own this colourful mouse. Through a cruel twist of fate, years ago my husband interviewed Edna Staebler, an icon of Canadian food culture and author of Food that Really...

23 May
Sticker Shock

A while ago, I caused some confusion when I posted a recipe for hummus and mentioned my belly dance classes. Yes, I dance. Just not very well. When I cleaned up my office, I located the missing bumper sticker -- which had been filed away...

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