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03 Jul
Chocolate Chipotle Brownies

Chocolate and chili is the perfect marriage. Together they make a cockle-warming hot cocoa or a palate-pleasing ice cold gelato. Of course, they're happy to meet half way and be a practical room-temperature chocolate bar, too. They're the backbone of a savory mole sauce and...

02 Jul
True Love

Today's Lesson: Small gestures speak loudest. Andrew had to leave extra early one morning. While he didn't want to wake me, still wanted to make my morning coffee. When I stumbled downstairs an hour or so later, I found this. He was so tired he wrote on...

01 Jul
Happy Canada Day!

Or Happy Dominion Day if you're my husband. He hauls this t-shirt out every July 1st and stomps about the house in it explaining how Canada's the first "Dominion" and we should revel in it, not ignore it. Living with an historian comes in handy...

30 Jun
For George

Half way between high-tech and high-art, I met the ghost of George Carlin. I snapped this photo on Friday at MeMe's Cafe in New Hamburg, Ontario, a small town between Kitchener-Waterloo, (home of the BlackBerry®) and Stratford (home to Canada's Shakespearean Festival). Amidst cheese scones,...

29 Jun
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 25)

This week, As the Barrel Turns bows to mounting pressure. In lieu of a guest turner or other lame plot device, we've decided to answer your burning turning questions. Is Guelph a highland or lowland whisky?Since we live atop a hill, we consider ourselves highlanders. The...

28 Jun
Greek Week – Chicken Kopita

I've no idea if there's such a thing as chicken kopita. I just made it up. While I love spanikopita, I find I'm hungry shortly afterwards. So I sometimes slip a slice of chicken breast onto the spinach and feta base before wrapping up the...

26 Jun
Greek Week – In search of Greek wine

Today, I'm swapping blog posts with Gretchen Roberts, an amusing little New World wine writer with hints of berries and peppery undertones. Her blog, Everyday Wine, takes the snob factor out of this potentially pretentious beverage. Since the only Greek wine I've had is Retsina,...

26 Jun
Greek Week – Greek yogurt tzatziki

Photo © Wolfgang Staudt, published under Creative Commons License. The first time I ate Greek yogurt, I was having breakfast at a taverna much like the one pictured above. The yogurt was so thick and rich I thought they'd served me sour cream by mistake. If you've...

25 Jun
Greek Week – The New Greek Cuisine

Is my face red. My sister phoned to ask if my baklava recipe really needs 14 cups of honey. Sheesh! And I thought microwaving would make the dessert soggy. I've corrected my typo. That's 1/4 cup for those who wondered. While I sit in the penalty...

24 Jun
Greek Week – Herbed Greek Soup

Imagine yourself in the photo above. On first impulse, would you ride the donkey or strip down and swim in the ocean? Or would you rather head to the nearest five-star resort with a book? I have a theory. The way you will enjoy this soup...

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