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15 Jul
I was wrong

When I went to Wisconsin, I was expecting little more than fish and cheese. The swiveling, 3-foot mechanical mouse at Green Bay Airport did little to dissuade me. It offered a platter of cheese to passersby. I didn't stop to see if the cheese was...

14 Jul
Washington Hotel Tart Cherry Crepes

Dietians will tell you tart cherries are bursting with nutrition, but these puppies are packed with so much flavour you'll think about how good they taste, not how good they are for you. I admit, I wasn't much of a tart cherry fan until I...

13 Jul
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 27)

This week, As the Barrel Turns welcomes Jim Estill, blogger, runner and self-proclaimed "business guy who sells computers." Jim's a busy fellow, but still found the time after completing the 10-Miler to drop by and lend a helping hand with the cask rotation. Since the...

11 Jul
Basil non-pesto

When I first made Basil and Walnut Green Beans Andrew and I couldn't quite place the familiar taste. Then we realized the dish was very similar to pesto, only without the assault of garlic. While I love pesto, I often avoid it in restaurants since...

10 Jul
Ten-Minute Salmon

I refuse to get all bent out of shape over where this salmon came from or how it was raised. My husband was doing the grocery shopping, saw "wild salmon", thought I'd like it and brought home a piece for me. He doesn't eat anything...

09 Jul
RIP Latte Whip

After four days of bad coffee in the java wasteland of northern Ontario, I returned home excited to be reunited with my beloved husband, the two cats and my morning latte. Perhaps the ghost of the oven timer was out for revenge. Maybe the Latte Whip...

08 Jul

It's Tuesday, so I'm blogging at the Accidental Hedonist. Today I'm posting an unusual recipe for lavender sorbet inspired by a trip to Texas of all places. The photo is of the lavender blooming in my front garden. Pretty as a picture and good enough to...

07 Jul
Time Bandit

This organization will not tolerate failure! When I brought my new digital timer home, I showed it the remains of its predecessor. Bet that's the last time an LCD device allows the soup to boil dry in this house again. ...

06 Jul
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 26)

We are vexed to report that after the Canada Dominion Day celebrations, the cask seemed lighter than ever. Given this photographic evidence, it appears the Canadian Legends Action Figure of Sir John A. Macdonald inexplicably came to life. When no one was looking, our country's first...

04 Jul
Happy 4th of July

Canada and the US share many things, like Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes and the inability to understand what the French see in Jerry Lewis. Apple pie is another commonality. Yet, despite its place alongside motherhood and baseball, this particular dessert has never symbolized America to...

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