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22 Jul
Ice Cream Triple Play

I can't help myself. I'm on an ice cream binge. I will give you a nice, sensible gadget review tomorrow, I promise. But today I'm being a hedonist. And not by accident. Since it's Tuesday, I've posted a classic French-style vanilla ice cream recipe at The...

21 Jul
I scream for ice cream

I feel fully committed now. Oh, it's not the new $100 ice cream maker, which I can stash in the basement and ignore when the weather turns cool. It's the $15 scoop I bought on the weekend. I just know it will sit in my drawer...

20 Jul
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 28)

Know what this is? Need a better look? How's this? Oh, you scotch keeners know it's a quaich. And if I'm not too far from wrong, you can spell it without checking What's Under the Kilt and pronounce it with a confident little lilt. (It's pronounced "kway-kh"...

18 Jul
Champagne and Grapefruit Sorbet

I'm so busted. Yes, I ranted about how you shouldn't buy any kitchen gadget with the word "maker" in it. Yes, I've rabbited on an on about my tiny kitchen. And yes, despite everything I said, I went out and bought a fair-sized electric "maker". An...

17 Jul
Simple Decadence

My mother dropped by the other day with a plate of these. I mined the depths of my culinary discipline to take a photo before gobbling. Of all the simple pleasures, whole, fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate ranks right up there with the first...

16 Jul
Lazy Days of Eating Corn

The Globe and Mail is running a series of essays on the theme Lost Summer. Today my memories of the annual family corn roast runs in Facts & Arguments. It will be available online for a few days and then will be archived. So, find...

15 Jul
I was wrong

When I went to Wisconsin, I was expecting little more than fish and cheese. The swiveling, 3-foot mechanical mouse at Green Bay Airport did little to dissuade me. It offered a platter of cheese to passersby. I didn't stop to see if the cheese was...

14 Jul
Washington Hotel Tart Cherry Crepes

Dietians will tell you tart cherries are bursting with nutrition, but these puppies are packed with so much flavour you'll think about how good they taste, not how good they are for you. I admit, I wasn't much of a tart cherry fan until I...

13 Jul
Whisky Works – As the Barrel Turns (Episode 27)

This week, As the Barrel Turns welcomes Jim Estill, blogger, runner and self-proclaimed "business guy who sells computers." Jim's a busy fellow, but still found the time after completing the 10-Miler to drop by and lend a helping hand with the cask rotation. Since the...

11 Jul
Basil non-pesto

When I first made Basil and Walnut Green Beans Andrew and I couldn't quite place the familiar taste. Then we realized the dish was very similar to pesto, only without the assault of garlic. While I love pesto, I often avoid it in restaurants since...

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