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07 Aug
Allison’s Idea Ice Cream

Mom asked for lemon cake with raspberry filling for her birthday. Instead, she got a botched coconut layer cake and a new type of ice cream. As the Stones said, you can't always get what you want. In this case, the lyrics applied not just to my...

06 Aug
The bane of a chef’s existence

Mark Twain once said, "Be careful about reading health books. You could die of a misprint." Seems celebrity-chef recommendations aren't always safe either. According to The Globe and Mail, a popular chef and TV personality mistakenly urged readers to toss a potentially lethal leafy green to...

05 Aug
Hoist on my own culinary petard

I seem to have earned myself a bit of a reputation as a gastronomic fuss-budget. Recently, when I asked friends to recommend all-inclusive resorts for a mid-winter getaway, they all hesitated. No one seemed concerned about my Casper-white skin turning the colour of a freshly boiled...

04 Aug
With a little help from my friends

The hand model in the above photo is my brother-in-law, Ian. Little did he know that showing up early for the World's Longest Barbecue would earn him praise and a shift on the grill. With my wrist still under protective custody, I lassoed everyone into...

01 Aug
Bloggy Awards – They Like Me

Well, there I was moping around with an injured wrist, wondering what I should blog about and cyberspace provided. I just got assessed by the Bloggy Awards and they seem to like me. Click here to read their evaluation. If you do, feel free to leave...

31 Jul
Rose Reisman’s Complete Light Kitchen

I've dislocated my wrist and am having a hard time doing anything but complain. For the next two days I can't cook, garden or drive the car and am reduced to hunt-and-peck at the keyboard. At awkward times like these, I recall a scene in...

30 Jul
Chaos Theory

Dear heavens. Keeping a kitchen under control shouldn't be that hard. But with a freezer stuffed with mystery meat and a fridge full of flat wine and even flatter veggies, I know that it will take greater minds than Einstein's to find a solution. Between...

29 Jul
Chicken Souvlaki

You know you're a food writer when dinner guests bring prepared statements instead of wine. Andrew and his brother had a fine time critiquing the souvlaki meal I served on Sunday. These two would-be Seinfelds delivered their material with wide grins and mouths full. When...

28 Jul
A lesson in humility

I feel like Icarus who flew too close to the sun and crashed to earth. Only my wings aren't made of wax. They're made of ice cream. After having my Accidental Hedonist "Three Speeds of Ice Cream" post picked up by Reuters UK Lifestyles News and...

27 Jul
Whisky Works – As The Barrel Turns (Episode 29 )

The party's over. The barrel has turned for the last time. The cask is drained and the results are in. To aptly mark this auspicious occasion, we invite Bill Greenaway, our friendly neighbourhood piper. Bill plays while the guest of honour uncorks the cask. Karen Farbridge, Mayor...

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