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13 Aug
Spy Girl

She diced, she sliced, she Julia-spied. Yup. It's official. Julia Child was part of a World War II international spy ring known as OSS. According to The Associated Press, Child wasn't the only celebrity to work for an espionage group worthy of Austin Powers 4. Now that...

13 Aug
$112 Cinnamon Ice Cream

This recipe is Cheryl's fault. I tried her cinnamon brownies and because of a mistake on my end, not hers, ended up with a tasty but dry dessert. My solution was to top it off with cinnamon ice cream. Only no one makes cinnamon ice cream...

13 Aug
Print or broadcast?

A reader posted a question in the comments section the other day and I don't want it to get missed. While she knows her area of interest, she's unsure how to pursue her chosen field. She writes: I am going back to school in September...

12 Aug
Who’s on first?

If I apply a baseball analogy -- and most things in life work well at this level -- I hit a double this morning. Not only am I guest blogging about booze-filled chocolates at Accidental Hedonist, I've posted a simple but delicious panini recipe at...

11 Aug
And the winner is…

The votes are in and Italian cuisine is the clear winner. The Boot pulled twice the votes of the second place winner(s). Strangely, French, Indian and Thai formed a three-way tie for the number-two position, proving you to be a diverse and adventuresome culinary crowd....

08 Aug
Vanilla Sugar

If I didn't know what a vanilla pod looked like and I came upon one lying on the counter, I'd bludgeon it with my shoe. How can one of the most wonderful flavours on Earth be housed in a casing that resembles a leathery, black eel?...

07 Aug
Allison’s Idea Ice Cream

Mom asked for lemon cake with raspberry filling for her birthday. Instead, she got a botched coconut layer cake and a new type of ice cream. As the Stones said, you can't always get what you want. In this case, the lyrics applied not just to my...

06 Aug
The bane of a chef’s existence

Mark Twain once said, "Be careful about reading health books. You could die of a misprint." Seems celebrity-chef recommendations aren't always safe either. According to The Globe and Mail, a popular chef and TV personality mistakenly urged readers to toss a potentially lethal leafy green to...

05 Aug
Hoist on my own culinary petard

I seem to have earned myself a bit of a reputation as a gastronomic fuss-budget. Recently, when I asked friends to recommend all-inclusive resorts for a mid-winter getaway, they all hesitated. No one seemed concerned about my Casper-white skin turning the colour of a freshly boiled...

04 Aug
With a little help from my friends

The hand model in the above photo is my brother-in-law, Ian. Little did he know that showing up early for the World's Longest Barbecue would earn him praise and a shift on the grill. With my wrist still under protective custody, I lassoed everyone into...

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