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28 Aug
Eat your veggies – please!

I couldn't figure out why my chicken souvlaki post got so many hits yesterday. Turns out linked to my recipe. I was happy. Until I read the comment, "There are no vegetables in sight here...

27 Aug
What If …

People often ask writers where they get their ideas. I can honestly say I don't know. No matter what inspiration-inducing trick I use, my pattern is always the same. No idea. ...

26 Aug
Blueberry Bliss

You are not seeing things. Do not adjust your monitor. Yes, I've used this photo before. On Thursday. It drew so many compliments I thought I'd use it again with some clarifications. One: I did not take this photo. I wish I did, but it was...

25 Aug
Plastic Schmastic

I ask you, does this tiny piece of plastic look like it would support a pantry shelf intended to hold canned tomatoes, dried beans and bags of flour? No? Okay, do you think four of these pegs would do the job? I didn't think so either. And...

22 Aug
LinkedIn – A good reason to sign up

LinkedIn has a new feature that will make freelancer writers smile -- a companies directory. And you can bet I'll be checking it out so I can target my pitches to the right person within the right company. Michelle Rafter covered the subject thoroughly on...

21 Aug
Breakfast of Champions

Michael Phelps might be breaking records in the pool, but David McGinn gets gold for his piece in yesterday's Globe and Mail. His "Eat Like Mike" is one of the funniest pieces of writing I've read in a long, long time. McGinn decides to tackle...

20 Aug

On the weekend Andrew and I disposed of 18 boxes of books. Some went to charity, some to the used book store, some (moldy ones) to landfill. No matter where they ended up, that's a lot of words leaving my home. I felt a void and...

18 Aug
You say cinnamon, I say cassia

My cinnamon ice cream post prompted someone to leave a comment about the potentially toxic effects of cinnamon. It's Monday morning. I spent the entire weekend cleaning out the basement and dealing with mouse nests and the moldy fallout of a summer's worth of floods. I'm...

15 Aug
Black on black

Black cherries. Black background. Oh, if the cat who played with them at the break of dawn had been black, it would have been perfect. These two survivors are soaking up the early morning sun. I like how the light reflects off their curves. Perhaps for esthetic...

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