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12 Oct
Thanksgiving Day Gratitude

Serves me right for making that smart alec remark about apple picking and foreign films. Yesterday's outing didn't go as planned. And it's all my fault. I made an erroneous assumption and failed to communicate adequately. Because of this, there is no apple pie for Thanksgiving...

10 Oct

Yesterday I had Dana worried I was cooking up penguins. Anyone else wonder if I'd lost my locavore leanings as well as my mind? Looking back I realized I've posted a few odd animal shots this week. Continuing the trend and hoping to pass it off...

09 Oct

I happened by a Scottish bakery yesterday and popped in to see what sort of goodies they offered. Currant-filled eccles cakes, buttery shortbreads and various meat pies lined the display case. The woman in front of me had placed a very large order and was...

08 Oct
What’s with the Crocs?

If you read my post yesterday at Accidental Hedonist, this photo will be familiar. These crimson Crocs belong to chef Samuel Hybels, chef/owner of Samuel's in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Closer to home, chef Alex Sgroi, owner of Alex's Kitchen wears blazing orange. Both chefs have eponymous restaurants....

07 Oct
Omnivore’s Dilemma

I keep coming across a list of 100 items every omnivore should try before they die. So, since my wrist is acting up again and I'm not up to much beyond a cut and paste session, I thought I'd play along. The list was posted...

06 Oct
Whisky Works — As the Barrel Turns (Special Nosing Edition)

Who is this man, why is he grinning and what are his intentions with our barrel? Riding on the coattails of the recent local wine post (assuming blog posts have coattails) we're revisiting our whisky aging project and have brought in a local artist to flog...

04 Oct
Local Saturday — wine edition

I've been rather lax with my weekly local food report. After a strong start with surprisingly delicious vegan cupcakes, I spluttered. However, this week I'm back on track thanks in part to a group of wine writers who are hoping to get readers to Drink...

03 Oct
Italian Dessert Week – Salute

I want to make you tooth-breaking biscotti to dip in your cappuccino. I want to make you flaky, sugar-dusted crostini that shatters as you bite. I want to make you hazelnut gelato so smooth and creamy Italian phrases will roll from your tongue without effort. But there are...

02 Oct
Italian Dessert Week – Zabaglione

This dessert furthers my theory that Italians like to keep their hands busy. Zabaglione is no make-ahead time saver. You're frothing like a mad fiend right up to the moment of serving. And it takes a good 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted whipping to...

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