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16 Oct

We're having a spectacular autumn here. The trees have turned every fall shade imaginable, from lemon yellow to bright pumpkin, rusty paprika to deep crimson. And when the sun catches them at the right angle, they look like they're on fire. I've snapped a hundred...

15 Oct
Mangled Butter and the Tao of Stieb

What we have here is a failure to communicate. When I said, "Andrew darling, the unsalted butter is mine and mine alone. Don't touch it or you'll eat catfood for a week," it didn't give him carte blanche to revert to his bachelor ways and gouge...

14 Oct
Mission Accomplished

The gratitude continues. Thanks to Phil, lead guitarist for Sack of Yams and fellow apple enthusiast, we got the heads up that our orchard of choice was overrun with Thanksgiving Day pickers. Good for the apple growers, bad for impatient people like me. Unwilling to...

13 Oct
Gone Apple Pickin’

For real this time. Others, who can be trusted with this kind of thing, called to confirm the orchard: has apples conducts apple picking is open today Chudleigh's, here we come!...

12 Oct
Thanksgiving Day Gratitude

Serves me right for making that smart alec remark about apple picking and foreign films. Yesterday's outing didn't go as planned. And it's all my fault. I made an erroneous assumption and failed to communicate adequately. Because of this, there is no apple pie for Thanksgiving...

10 Oct

Yesterday I had Dana worried I was cooking up penguins. Anyone else wonder if I'd lost my locavore leanings as well as my mind? Looking back I realized I've posted a few odd animal shots this week. Continuing the trend and hoping to pass it off...

09 Oct

I happened by a Scottish bakery yesterday and popped in to see what sort of goodies they offered. Currant-filled eccles cakes, buttery shortbreads and various meat pies lined the display case. The woman in front of me had placed a very large order and was...

08 Oct
What’s with the Crocs?

If you read my post yesterday at Accidental Hedonist, this photo will be familiar. These crimson Crocs belong to chef Samuel Hybels, chef/owner of Samuel's in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Closer to home, chef Alex Sgroi, owner of Alex's Kitchen wears blazing orange. Both chefs have eponymous restaurants....

07 Oct
Omnivore’s Dilemma

I keep coming across a list of 100 items every omnivore should try before they die. So, since my wrist is acting up again and I'm not up to much beyond a cut and paste session, I thought I'd play along. The list was posted...

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