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21 Nov
National Espresso Day and Latte Art

According to the good people at Breville, makers of fine espresso machines and other things kitcheny, today is National Espresso Day. The chocolate swirl lily is my caffeinated tribute. Now before you ooh and ahh, let me tell you it took eight tries, half a litre...

20 Nov
What Type Are You?

The internet is full of time-wasting tools I can pretend pertain to my work. Last year, thanks to the Gender Genie, I learned I write masculine columns and feminine blog posts. No matter which on-line version of Myers-Briggs I take, I'm always an ENFP. This not...

19 Nov
Homemade wins hands down

You guys are the best! I knew my brain was functioning on emergency battery backup when I posted my nowhere-near-100 top list. Brownies?! How'd I miss that? And what was I thinking when I listed sugar cookies? Oatmeal chocolate chip are waaaaayy better. And no mention...

18 Nov
Quick Carrot Ginger Saute

This rainbow of carrots is one of my souvenirs from the Royal Winter Fair. I figured they'd go over better than adopting a lop or lamb. I was going to use them to make a healthy carrot ginger soup, but just couldn't bring myself to...

17 Nov
My Own Top List

I've been thinking about that VGT top 100 list. Hmmm. Life's too short for Hostess fruit pies and McDonald's. I don't need to eat endangered species or items worthy of Fear Factor. So I comprised my own list of items that carried an emotional punch...

14 Nov
Plumbing Headaches

Our kitchen faucet began to drip a few weeks ago. Just a drop or two. No big deal. Since Andrew and I are not particularly good at household maintenance tasks, we chose to ignore the situation and see if it would go away on its...

13 Nov
How to Make Creme Fraiche

Look what I did! Pretty isn't it? This is just my maple squash soup and a drizzle of crème fraîche. I got so excited by the possibilities, I played with my food. While the heart was fun, it was a bit on the simple side. So I...

12 Nov
Globe and Mail Facts & Arguments Essay

In a blatant act of self-promotion, I'm sending you to read my essay in the Globe and Mail in lieu of blogging. It's not funny. It's not about food. It's 850 words about raking leaves. And I'm still sorry....

11 Nov
Ginger Ice Cream Pie

I live in the birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. I learned his poem In Flanders Fields in Grade 5. I still know it by heart, and it still makes me cry. Tonight, Andrew will give a lecture on the horrific battle of Passchendael. We...

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