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13 Nov
How to Make Creme Fraiche

Look what I did! Pretty isn't it? This is just my maple squash soup and a drizzle of crème fraîche. I got so excited by the possibilities, I played with my food. While the heart was fun, it was a bit on the simple side. So I...

12 Nov
Globe and Mail Facts & Arguments Essay

In a blatant act of self-promotion, I'm sending you to read my essay in the Globe and Mail in lieu of blogging. It's not funny. It's not about food. It's 850 words about raking leaves. And I'm still sorry....

11 Nov
Ginger Ice Cream Pie

I live in the birthplace of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. I learned his poem In Flanders Fields in Grade 5. I still know it by heart, and it still makes me cry. Tonight, Andrew will give a lecture on the horrific battle of Passchendael. We...

06 Nov
Restaurant Food Pet Peeves

A while ago I blogged about how tiny details can ruin an otherwise enjoyable restaurant meal. I must have struck a nerve since many people commented -- at length. One commenter, Lisa, got so het up she expanded the topic and emailed me her pet...

05 Nov
Telemarketer solution

Most weeknights around the supper hour, the phone rings. On the other end is a telemarketer reading from a script. I know it's a telemarketer because they always say the same thing. They ask to speak to Mr or Mrs Christie. Andrew's a Thomson. I'm...

04 Nov
Out of ideas

I've written and rewritten this post a dozen times. I had too many things to talk about and nothing to say. Having already paid tribute to The American Election on Accidental Hedonist earlier today, I wasn't sure what to post here. I know from all the...

31 Oct
Happy Hallowe’en

I've never embraced the spooky side of Hallowe'en. Perhaps that's because my mother always dressed me as a clown. That's me as a 3-year-old Chuckles. Sorry it's so grainy. It's taken from a 40-plus-year-old roll of 8mm film. For my Hallowe'en post, I debated reviewing Vincent...

29 Oct
Cure alls

When I was a child I had a very bad case of the mumps. Certain I wouldn't survive, I lay on the couch and did my five-year-old best to contemplate death. I don't recall any profound thoughts beyond "Ow, this really hurts." At the end of...

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