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19 Jan
It Snowed Again

This is my mailbox. I have not used Photoshop or taken the picture at a tricky angle to enhance the effect. I have not given nature a helping hand or rearranged the snowfall in any way. This is how much snow fell the other day. This...

16 Jan
Reader Question: Lactose-Intolerant Vegetarian Meals

It's only -19°C today. Practically balmy weather after yesterday's -27. I've been trying to find a hot breakfast that won't trigger my gag reflex and was feeling sorry for myself as I produced pot after pot of uninspired sludge. Then fellow writer, Michelle Rafter, wrote with...

14 Jan
Keeping Brown Sugar Soft Never Looked So Good

Doesn't look like much does it? You can't tell from the photo above, but this clay brown sugar disk above is a work of art. Not only is it one of my favourite Christmas gifts because of the way it looks, I love it because it keeps...

13 Jan
Herb and Olive Chicken

We're heading into the mother of all cold snaps. If the Weather Network is right, the warmest day this week will be a lip-chapping -15C. Celsius always sounds colder than Fahrenheit, but keep in mind that anything with a minus sign in front of it...

09 Jan
Leftover Cranberry Sauce Solutions

Last week, Elizabeth Kricfalusi asked what she should do with her leftover cranberry sauce. And you answered. Some of your diverse and delicious suggestions included: bake it into muffins and quickbreads, use it like jam, pour it over ice cream, stir it into yogurt, simmer...

08 Jan
More About Chef’s Knives

This picture shows two things. One: I need to use hand cream more often. And Two: The curved finger position that's essential when using sharp knives. You know this already. I know you do. I bet if I asked you how to position the hand that...

06 Jan
Chef Knives

I have a confession to make. Although I know intellectually that a good set of knives is a cook's most valuable tool, until recently I used cheap ones. Really dull, cheap ones. A good decade ago, I bought a knife set based on laziness convenience and...

Beef Stew with Gremolata
05 Jan
Simple Beef Stew with Orange-Walnut Gremolata

Is everyone on a diet this week? I don't know about you, but despite my normally ferocious sweet tooth, I'm not ready to face another dessert, scone, pastry or white-flour carbohydrate for a few days. Whether or not you're counting calories, this beef stew will expand...

03 Jan
Reader Questions – Leftover Cranberry Sauce

It's a new year and I'm adding a new category -- Reader Questions. While I can't guarantee I'll know the answer, I figure if I mine the collective wisdom of my diverse and knowledgeable readers, we should be able to come up with a wide...

02 Jan
No soup for you!

Well, that didn't take long. Day One of 2009 and I had my first kitchen disaster. That's a personal record. I usually take a good week to warm up to a culinary gaff, but this year? Mere hours. And as if that wasn't enough, the...

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