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Homemade caramel corn.
02 Feb
Caramel Corn

Ahhhh. That's better. Nothing like the taste of sweet success to make me forget last week's garbanzo gaffe. Back in university I used to make caramel corn on a 20-inch electric stovetop with only three functioning burners. My recipe said to cook the sugar until it...

30 Jan
Reader Question: Book Club Dinner

Not all book club titles suggest a menu. This week, dietary restrictions go out the window. Alisa Bowman gives us carte blanche for suggestions that will impress her well-read friends. She writes: What's the best make-ahead impressive meal for a book club? You know---...

29 Jan
Roasted Chickpeas

When you get a flash of genius for something like, say...

28 Jan
Spaghetti Squash

This shot looks like some form of coral reef species, but it's actually cooked spaghetti squash. Many of the sources I've read promote spaghetti squash as being "just like real spaghetti!" While it's similar, it won't fool anyone. Its translucency makes it look more like rice...

27 Jan
Upside Down Eater

Somedays. I'm an upside down eater. Couldn't face breakfast this morning before the dentist's. Came home cavity-free and had leftover dinner for lunch. Then at 6:00 this evening I chowed down on a bowl of yogurt and berries topped with homemade granola. Anyone else have days...

26 Jan
Wheat-free Pizza

Last week's vegetarian chili inspired me to try more food substitutes. I'll be looking at a few alternative but delicious fakes over the next few days. I've been leery about "healthy" substitutes ever since someone served me dairy-free, sugarless chocolate mousse. I'd have been okay...

23 Jan
Vegetarian Chili

Last week, Michelle Rafter asked what she could feed her family of non-adventurous eaters while providing her vegetarian daughter a dairy-free meal. I was impressed with the links, book titles and suggestions you provided. One reader even pointed out being lactose intolerant isn't the same...

22 Jan
Pot Holder? Pot Smoulder.

"Don't tell me," Andrew says, handing me the charred remains of our brand new pot handle. "This is going on the blog." Yup. One $8 pot handle and a cast iron skillet's worth of crispy bacon later, Andrew's cursing and I have fresh blog post fodder. Even the...

21 Jan
Berry Crisp

Since making a gigantic batch of granola, I've been on an oatmeal kick. While I don't like it as porridge, I love it in desserts. With the cloudy winter skies leaving me yearning for summer berries and the bitter cold demanding something warm, I decided a...

20 Jan
Homemade Granola

For a couple of weeks now, my quest for a healthy breakfast has made me hanker for homemade granola. During my university days, I used to make big batches of this cereal to fuel me on the long, book-laden walk to campus. These days, I...

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