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10 Feb

After hearing the crash, my holler and ascertaining no one was hurt, Andrew's only comment was, "Make sure everyone understands I'm not responsible." Okay. For the record, Andrew's not responsible. Not exactly the exoneration he's looking for. Allow me to clarify, Andrew didn't break the dish pictured...

09 Feb
Beatles Buffet

Saturday, February 7, 2009 marked the 45th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in North America. To celebrate, my friend Theresa hosted an Across the Universe party. Great food and bad puns set the mood as we watched the video and sang along. I apologize to the...

06 Feb
Curried Chicken Pot Pie

Last week, Alisa Bowman asked what impressive but no-fuss meal she could serve her book club. Hungry bookworms answered with a wide range of culinary solutions: Diva Lisa jumped straight to dessert and suggested cheesecake. Lisa, you can join my book club any day. Cheri Sicard recommended...

05 Feb
Homemade Yogurt

My supermarket infuriates me. I'd just recently given them a brownie point for finally stocking locally grown garlic instead of the ubiquitous, dried out, flavourless bulbs from China. And now I'm taking it right back again for never having my favourite plain organic yogurt in stock. Trip...

04 Feb
Anti-theft lunch bags

These clear anti-theft lunch bags come pre-printed with fake mold to deter light-fingered coworkers. Do I file this under Now I've Seen Everything or Another Reason Not to Miss Office Life? ...

03 Feb
Caramel Clarification

My astute friend Jodi DeLong pays far too much attention to detail. Not only is she an avid gardener, crack photographer and professional writer, she has a memory like a Venus Fly Trap. To my chagrin, Jodi remembers something I posted back in July, 2006. In...

Homemade caramel corn.
02 Feb
Caramel Corn

Ahhhh. That's better. Nothing like the taste of sweet success to make me forget last week's garbanzo gaffe. Back in university I used to make caramel corn on a 20-inch electric stovetop with only three functioning burners. My recipe said to cook the sugar until it...

30 Jan
Reader Question: Book Club Dinner

Not all book club titles suggest a menu. This week, dietary restrictions go out the window. Alisa Bowman gives us carte blanche for suggestions that will impress her well-read friends. She writes: What's the best make-ahead impressive meal for a book club? You know---...

29 Jan
Roasted Chickpeas

When you get a flash of genius for something like, say...

28 Jan
Spaghetti Squash

This shot looks like some form of coral reef species, but it's actually cooked spaghetti squash. Many of the sources I've read promote spaghetti squash as being "just like real spaghetti!" While it's similar, it won't fool anyone. Its translucency makes it look more like rice...

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