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18 Feb
Avocado Oil

Avocado photo © Simon Goldenberg. Published under a creative commons license. In the movie Oh, God! George Burns, as The Almighty, admits the avocado might have been his one mistake. He made the pit too big. While I appreciate the creation of avocados, I do wonder...

16 Feb
Belated Valentine’s Day

There's a great series of Bud Light mock greeting cards. My favourite reads "Let's make February 15th our Valentine's Day." It's February 16. I'm not late. I'm just feeling somewhat rebellious and not particularly romantic. No flowers, bon bons, cards, cinnamon hearts or dinners out for...

13 Feb
Reader Question: Over-Ripe Bananas

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I'm not a banana fan. I consider them the Herb Tarlek of fruit -- they're pushy and turn slimy when you aren't looking. You just know if a banana wore a belt, it would match...

11 Feb
Cuisine Canada Blog

Learning new software is a bit like cooking on a new stove. While the concept is the same, the oven light switch is in a different location, the knobs work in unexpected ways (why didn't anyone tell me you had to push them in first?)...

10 Feb

After hearing the crash, my holler and ascertaining no one was hurt, Andrew's only comment was, "Make sure everyone understands I'm not responsible." Okay. For the record, Andrew's not responsible. Not exactly the exoneration he's looking for. Allow me to clarify, Andrew didn't break the dish pictured...

09 Feb
Beatles Buffet

Saturday, February 7, 2009 marked the 45th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in North America. To celebrate, my friend Theresa hosted an Across the Universe party. Great food and bad puns set the mood as we watched the video and sang along. I apologize to the...

06 Feb
Curried Chicken Pot Pie

Last week, Alisa Bowman asked what impressive but no-fuss meal she could serve her book club. Hungry bookworms answered with a wide range of culinary solutions: Diva Lisa jumped straight to dessert and suggested cheesecake. Lisa, you can join my book club any day. Cheri Sicard recommended...

05 Feb
Homemade Yogurt

My supermarket infuriates me. I'd just recently given them a brownie point for finally stocking locally grown garlic instead of the ubiquitous, dried out, flavourless bulbs from China. And now I'm taking it right back again for never having my favourite plain organic yogurt in stock. Trip...

04 Feb
Anti-theft lunch bags

These clear anti-theft lunch bags come pre-printed with fake mold to deter light-fingered coworkers. Do I file this under Now I've Seen Everything or Another Reason Not to Miss Office Life? ...

03 Feb
Caramel Clarification

My astute friend Jodi DeLong pays far too much attention to detail. Not only is she an avid gardener, crack photographer and professional writer, she has a memory like a Venus Fly Trap. To my chagrin, Jodi remembers something I posted back in July, 2006. In...

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