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06 Mar
Tilapia Piccata with Asparagus

Last week Christie set up a fish challenge. She was looking for a quick, simple, healthy fish recipe. Her parameters? Not too lemony but it should have veggies. She was even open to a splash of wine. Oh yes, and we were to keep it...

04 Mar
Empire Apple Cider Vinegar

The little things give us away. We go quietly about minding our own business, then someone catches a detail and knows something about you. When I was backpacking in Europe I spotted fellow Canucks by their iron engineering rings or Mountain Equipment Co-op jackets. Americans...

03 Mar
No-Butter Butter Chicken

I've been saving this recipe to share with you during my upcoming and long-promised Indian Week. But it's been so cold lately, I thought something from a warm and sunny land would help. And you can't go wrong with curry. While I adore Indian food, butter...

02 Mar
And the winner is…

Anne from Ottawa! (Wild applause and ringing of bells.) Anne-with-an-e, not only hails from our nation's capital, she was selected totally without bias by Dine-O-Matic, a neat little decision-making widget just for Macs. Instead of entering restaurant names, I entered contestant names, hit the blue...

27 Feb
Reader Question – Fish recipes

Before I begin, just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter the draw to win a copy of Dominique and Cindy Duby's decadent book Crème Brûlée. Click here for details. Ironically, this week's question comes from my friend Christie. Yup. I know....

26 Feb
Cooking Oil — A few more just to confuse you

When I was a child my mom used to buy big, clear plastic jugs of vegetable oil. That's what it was called. Vegetable oil. Plain old vegetable oil. But on TV they showed ads for exciting oils, like Mazola corn oil. Corn oil. How crazy...

25 Feb
Cooking Oils – A Crash Course

Last night I bowed to peer pressure (other food bloggers and a carb-hungry husband), hauled my sorry butt out of bed and made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday dinner. The resulting griddle cakes were too uneven and sloppy to photograph. Spilled batter adhered to the stove...

24 Feb
A blog by any other name…

Right now I'm lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I've a cold that hits in waves. One minute I'm fine, the next I feel like I have cotton balls stuffed up my nose and swallowed a wad of steel wool. If it weren't for...

20 Feb
Yes, We Have No Bananas

Last week's topic spurred some monkey business. I won't pass along the childish or illegal ideas sent to me via a wide range of channels, but suffice it to say, I won't be publishing those suggestions here. I don't want to be accused of influencing...

19 Feb
Creme Brulee Book Giveaway

I'm in an extremely good mood today — more on this later — and am celebrating with a book giveaway. The good people at Whitecap Books have generously provided me with a copy of Dominique & Cindy Duby's wonderful book, Crème Brûlée: More than 50 Decadent...

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