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17 Mar
Chicken with Dried Cranberries and Orange

After yesterday's jelly bean confession, I figured I should eat a healthy meal. But I wanted the intense flavours those tiny shellac-coated goodies offered. My solution, dried cranberries. The shot above is an extreme close up of the cranberry sauce that graced my potentially ho-hum chicken....

16 Mar
Jelly Beans

If I get a cavity, it's all Kira's fault. She brought jelly beans to a meeting last week. Not dollar store jelly beans that taste like lemon Pledge, stale Tang or some alien interpretation of red fruit. No, she brought high-end gourmet jelly beans in...

13 Mar
Reader Question – Vegetarian Gravy

This week's question comes from Kerry Dexter, a serious music fan and dedicated vegetarian. She's looking for a low-fat, low-sodium gravy that doesn't rely on animal stock. And to make things more a challenge, she has no food processor or blender so you can't just...

12 Mar

Some promises are explicitly stated while others are implied. With my recent poll, I indicated I would change my blog's name if it proved to be too confusing. Sixty-one votes later, the name stays. The tally? While 7 rallied for change, 17 thought the name Christie's Corner...

10 Mar
Swing-A-Way Can Opener

It shouldn't be that hard to find a gadget that opens cans without tossing tomato paste all over the kitchen -- or breaking my thumb. But I've been on the lookout for a good can opener since November and have found only hand-held or electric...

09 Mar
Oatmeal Date Cookies

It was quite the weekend for Christie's Corner. Friday, Andrew and I headed to Kingston to visit family, knock down an outhouse and stock up on Cooke's fine coffee. Sunday we left with 2 pounds of fresh Italian roast, "commode demolition" added to Andrew's resume...

06 Mar
Tilapia Piccata with Asparagus

Last week Christie set up a fish challenge. She was looking for a quick, simple, healthy fish recipe. Her parameters? Not too lemony but it should have veggies. She was even open to a splash of wine. Oh yes, and we were to keep it...

04 Mar
Empire Apple Cider Vinegar

The little things give us away. We go quietly about minding our own business, then someone catches a detail and knows something about you. When I was backpacking in Europe I spotted fellow Canucks by their iron engineering rings or Mountain Equipment Co-op jackets. Americans...

03 Mar
No-Butter Butter Chicken

I've been saving this recipe to share with you during my upcoming and long-promised Indian Week. But it's been so cold lately, I thought something from a warm and sunny land would help. And you can't go wrong with curry. While I adore Indian food, butter...

02 Mar
And the winner is…

Anne from Ottawa! (Wild applause and ringing of bells.) Anne-with-an-e, not only hails from our nation's capital, she was selected totally without bias by Dine-O-Matic, a neat little decision-making widget just for Macs. Instead of entering restaurant names, I entered contestant names, hit the blue...

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