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08 Apr
Top 3 Healthy Eating Cookbooks and A Contest

Despite the recent snowfall, spring is here. Baseball season has started, the robins and returned and the Easter Bunny is scheduled to drop chocolate on my doorstep this weekend. While spring means many good things, like extended hours of sunshine and no more shoveling, it...

07 Apr
Italian Meatballs

People ask Andrew if being married to a food blogger means he eats wonderful meals all the time. His response? "My life is a series of weeks. Sometimes you eat ice cream for seven days. Sometimes it's all soup." In my defense, there was salad...

03 Apr
Reader Question – A Double-Decker Challenge

This past week I've faced the challenges of my husband's junk food obsession. I must have done a good job since he enjoyed an "unprovoked salad" just to have the homemade ranch dressing. However, I'm now stuck. This week's Reader Question comes from a former colleague...

02 Apr

Originally, today's post was going to tell you all about the Meatballs of Shame. But that story can wait. How can I talk about anything as plebeian as meatballs when this delicacy arrived on my doorstep in all its deep fried glory? I was so excited,...

01 Apr
Butterscotch Cream Pie

Some things taste better than they look. This beige-on-beige pie is far more decadent than its monochrome colour scheme suggests. But this is what Andrew wanted, so this is what he got. Judging from the dearth of butterscotch cream pie recipes, this must be an old-fashioned treat...

31 Mar
Homemade Ranch Dressing

I haven't bought bottled salad dressing in years. Not only is homemade vinaigrette quick and easy to make, it tastes so much better than the store bought versions, I no longer even bother to walk down the dressing aisle. Ask me about the latest trends...

27 Mar
Flax Facts

Normally I'd do a Reader Question today, but I was intrigued by the responses to yesterday's post on Oatmeal Flax Squares. When Andrew read my post he confessed he didn't actually like the taste of flax in the squares. What?! Now he tells me! Seems I...

26 Mar
Oatmeal Flax Squares

I've been experimenting with flax seeds lately. I know they're full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and cancer-fighting lignans, but truth be told, I'm attracted to their crunch and nutty taste. So when Linda Braun's Everything Flax (Whitecap, 2009) hit the shelves, I just had to...

25 Mar
Scotch Marmalade or Homemade Spiced Whisky

Andrew has been wanting to try "Scotch Marmalade" ever since he saw a piece about home-brew infusions in Report on Business back in September. He clipped the article, bought a bottle of inexpensive Whyte & Mackay, handed both to me and asked, "What's star anise...

24 Mar
Bean Salad

For the record, I did very little complaining about winter this year. This is especially noteworthy given the vast amounts of snow and sub-zero temperatures we endured, not to mention the time I had to climb onto the roof and chisel ice out of the...

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