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04 May
Homemade Version of Starbucks Oat and Fruit Bars

I had hoped to post on Friday, but this is how my first attempt at the requested Starbucks Oat and Fruit Bars turned out. They tasted great, but I had to eat them with a spoon. If Anja wanted granola, I could have just pointed you...

30 Apr
Scotch Marmalade Recipe

Andrew might have dropped the jar of whisky, but I dropped the ball. Two posts on Scotch Marmalade and no recipe? I thought I'd linked the original story to the article, but it turns out I hadn't. And people have noticed. This is my variation on...

29 Apr
Scotch Marmalade Update

Five spices, 750 ml of scotch, 30 days and one poorly-fitted lid. Do you see where this is going? Our Scotch Marmalade experiment was a success. Or a failure. It all depends on how you look at it. Either way, Diva on a Diet was right when...

28 Apr
Fennel — My official apology

Until recently fennel was a spice I ignored. If I saw it in a recipe, I skipped it. After all, it was usually one of fifteen other spices in a curry. Who'd notice it was missing? But this past week I came across a couple of...

27 Apr
Modern Spice

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm fessing up to a personal relationship with the author of Modern Spice. Although I've never met Monica Bhide in person, I took her excellent food writing course, have exchanged dozens (perhaps hundreds) of emails with her and we've...

24 Apr
Reader Question: Starbucks Oat Bars

This week's challenge has far fewer restrictions but a twist of its own. It comes from my friend Anja, who writes: Can you replicate a recipe from Starbucks? They have an oat bar that I love, but haven't been able to replicate it myself....

23 Apr
Keep or Toss?

Solve one problem. Create another. Let's say I make a grocery list, eat a full meal and then shop at break-neck speed, never straying from the items on my list. When I get home with my planned purchases — and only my planned purchases —...

22 Apr
We have a winner!

Vanessa McMackin is one happy cookbook collector. She's getting six Whitecap Books titles and a phone call from Bal Arneson, author of Everyday Indian. Of course, I'll also be calling her to select the final three books in her prize package. I'm not sure how Whitecap...

21 Apr
Grocery Lists

Yesterday, I broke not one but two cardinal rules of grocery shopping. I shopped without a list. And I shopped hungry. In my defense, I didn't think I needed a list for five items. I was wrong. Very wrong. I left with 11 items. Put another way,...

20 Apr
Contest Reminder – Giving away 6 Books

This is a not so subtle reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter the book giveaway. One lucky winner will have six food and wine books delivered to their door courtesy of Whitecap Books. What can you win? The three healthy eating...

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