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04 Jun
From the Archives: Carob is for the Dogs

I'm on the road this week and will be dipping into the archives for a few tasty blasts from the past. This posts is one of my more popular rants. Now, let me tell you how I really feel...

03 Jun
From the Archives: $112 Cinnamon Ice Cream

I'm on the road this week and will be dipping into the archives for a few tasty blasts from the past. This posts has a bit of a back story so click through the hyperlinks to understand why I salvaged $8 worth of brownies with...

02 Jun
Pitch Policy

I've been getting a lot of PR pitches lately and to save us both a lot of time and energy, I thought I'd post some DOs, DON'Ts and other sundry items. First, get my name right. Seriously. My name is Charmian Christie. First name:...

02 Jun

Today's post is a bit of a hodgepodge. June arrived while I wasn't looking and I've several items to clean up before getting back to the kitchen. 1. The May Poll results are in. A recipe index and printable recipes are the big winners with 43%...

29 May
Bitchin’ Kitchen

I could really use a laugh. Not only does my butcher retire at the end of this week (sniff), the little community craft store next to it — the one where I bought my groovy reusable coffee sleeves — has closed shop. The sudden demise...

27 May
Eat Real, Eat Local

Local food is important to me. Remember my conniption fit over Chinese garlic? Or the tears when my butcher announced his retirement? While I'm not a die-hard locavore who shuns coffee and gives friends grief over buying lychees, I think it's criminal to import zucchini...

26 May
Tomato Update

Yesterday while your comments were rolling in suggesting ways around my gardening dilemma, my next door neighbour gave me a flat of tomato seedlings. I now have 50 plants sitting on my kitchen floor staring at me -- daring me -- to plant them. The...

25 May
My Vegetable Garden Begins

I took this photo last year at the farmers' market with hopes of growing my own organic tomatoes this year. Big, red, vine ripened tomatoes. I pictured myself jarring enough to get me through the winter without having to run to the grocery store. And...

22 May
Healthy Snack Ideas

Given a choice, I'd snack on sweets. These donuts, made fresh at the local farmers' market each Saturday, are more than tempting. The only reason I can resist them week after week is that they're not dipped in chocolate. While dark chocolate is relatively low-fat...

21 May
Barbecue Secrets

Barbecue Secres DELUXE! The Very Best Recipes, Tips & Tricks from the Barbecue Champion By Rockin' Ronnie Shewchuk Rockin' Ronnie Shewchuk knows a bit about the "Q". He's won barbecue titles in Alberta, claimed top honours at the Canadian National Barbecue Championship and caused a ruckus...

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