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10 Jul
The different types of ice cream explained

We tend to use the term "ice cream" generically, but the fat and calorie content between a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream and an equal portion of peach sorbet can be significant. So, what's in your bowl? Ice cream, ice milk, gelato, sorbet, sherbet...

09 Jul
Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Looks can be deceiving. This blueberry-raspberry frozen yogurt looks tasty but was chalky and unpleasant. I ended up letting it melt and pouring it over granola for breakfast. Thinking fresh and simple is best, I'd pureed raspberries and blueberries in the blender with plain yogurt and...

07 Jul
Garlic Scape and Fresh Herb Pesto

Yesterday I issued a plea for ideas of what to do with garlic scapes. The answers rolled in. I heard from people via Twitter, Facebook, email and the comments section. Thank you all. I was thrilled with your response. Of course, with so many great solutions...

06 Jul
Garlic Scapes — Ideas Needed

This pointy, off-white thingy is a garlic scape. Left to its own devices, it will flower. Once removed, it forces the bulb to grow bigger and drives chefs mad. Apparently, these puppies are a hot commodity. I had no idea what a scape was when I...

02 Jul
Too Clever By Half — And a Poll

I outsmarted myself the other day. After months of hemming, hawing and finding new ways to procrastinate, I finally posted my Pitch Policy. For those who aren't familiar with this term, it's an outline of my policies and review practices to help PR reps send...

01 Jul
Dominion Day Raspberry Ice Cream

While the rest of the nation celebrates Canada Day, in our house July 1st is Dominion Day. And Andrew has the t-shirt to prove it. For those who are curious about my husband's patriotic insistence, check out last year's blog post. For those who care about...

30 Jun
Barbecue Roasted Red Peppers

I'm feeling a tad guilty again. While yesterday's post about roasted garlic got a lot of you excited, it turns out this dish raised a few issues. First, DivaLisa is extremely allergic to garlic. Although she was too polite to say this, I'm pretty sure...

29 Jun
Barbecue Roasted Garlic

Lesson learned. Don't blog for a few days and family members will phone to check up on you. I'm fine. Really. I haven't succumbed to swine flu, only the temptations of summer. Truth be told, I've been playing hooky with my barbecue — I mean grill. Our...

24 Jun
Feeding Fussy Eaters

This is Cheryl Arkison, aka the Backseat Gourmet. She's got a full-time job, a couple of blogs and two young kids. She's also got a lot of good ideas about handling fussy eaters. When I posted a Reader's Question about feeding fussy eaters, Cheryl didn't...

23 Jun
From the Archives: Ginger Ice Cream Pie

I just found out my friend Geoff is coming to town this summer. His visit is more than a month away, but I have got to start planning the pie NOW. You see, I'm into cakes and cookies, but Geoff is all about Pie-Pie-Pie. For my...

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