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06 Jan
Marcy Goldman’s Apple-Raspberry Patchwork Crostata

We have a tradition in our house. One of us usually kicks off the new year with a kitchen disaster. Last year, I discovered dried beans can, in fact, go stale. This year? I botched the pastry. Crostata no less. What else? I learned the hard...

05 Jan
C Food – Food Photography taken to the next level
A while ago I wrote about some tricks food photographers use to make the final dish more appealing. As you can tell from some of my less than stellar shots, I make the dishes I blog about and try to present it as you'd see it. While this sometimes inadvertently supports my tagline, "Real food. Real life. It ain't always pretty," even with my good shots, I find a kind of sameness creeps into my work.  Different soup, different bowl, same angle. Sigh.. So when I had the chance to speak with Robert Clark and Harry Kambolis, co-authors of C Food (Whitecap Books, 2009), I found myself in the odd position of wanting to talk about photography, not food. Based on the sustainable seafood dishes from their Vancouver restaurant, C, executive chef Robert Clark and owner Harry Kambolis took an usual approach to photography to inspire readers. They ignored conventional plating and presented their dishes -- all fully edible -- in ways that merged food with art.  While the recipes are straight forward, by pushing the styling so far from the finished dish, Clark says they hope to remove the anxiety of reproducing a recipe and free up the reader to create a dish that's their own. With the help of photographer Hamid Attie, known for his innovative use of light, the three collaborated to produce a cookbook worthy of any coffee table. The results? Luminous photographs with an architectural quality.
04 Jan
My New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

It's that time of year again, when I post my resolutions online in the earnest hope that when my willpower fades, the fear of public humiliation will keep me going. Despite being on my list for two consecutive years, I still haven't brought myself to embrace...

24 Dec Winners and Happy Holidays

Earlier this week I selected a recipe from The New Best of Better by Marcy Goldman. To enter the contest, you were to guess which page this recipe was on. The two closest guesses, without going over, would get a free subscription to

23 Dec
Giving and Receiving

This plateful of Crayola-coloured cookies, arrived unannounced in a holiday-green tin with a handmade tag. My 16-year-old, non-baking niece made them. Not only were the sugar cookies her idea, she helped shop for the ingredients (hunting down every sprinkle option in the store) baked them, iced...

21 Dec Giveaway

[caption id="attachment_2182" align="alignleft" width="188" caption="Kreskin at The River Run Centre, photo courtesy of Collen Clack"][/caption] Yesterday afternoon,  I sat in the River Run Centre's Main Stage theatre and witnessed  The Amazing Kreskin in action. Yes, he found his cheque. Yes, he knew a volunteer had cut...

18 Dec
Microwave mistakes

  In the immortal words of my disaster-prone husband, "It's okay! The fire's out!" Only it was my turn to bellow this comforting phrase as I doused the flaming object in running water. Ever wonder what would happen should you soften butter in the microwave and use the...

16 Dec
Rosemary, Raisin and Pecan Crisps

I can't believe I'm about to make these again. The recipe makes a two loaf pans' worth and the entire batch is almost gone.Bored with plain crackers and still hyperventilating from the sticker price on the artisanal crisps, I was thrilled to find a knock-off...

15 Dec
Cookbooks for Cooks and Foodies

This is the second part of the Cookbook post I promised. Unlike Cookbooks by People I Know and Like, I'm not friends with the authors of these books. Some I've never met, others I've chatted with at events or interviewed for articles, but we don't...

11 Dec
Reader Question: How to Carve Poultry

Last week, after I posted a no-carve recipe for Apple Roast Chicken, I learned I'm not the only one who dreads slicing up a bird in front of guests. With Christmas racing towards us, I thought I should cover this issue sooner rather than later. However,...

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