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4 doughnuts
19 Oct
Recipe: Sour Cream Old-Fashioned Doughnuts

May I drop another name this week? How about Jess Thomson? She's an award-winning food writer, a photographer and a recipe developer who once completed a marathon recipe-writing stint by producing a recipe a day -- for a whole year. I wouldn't be surprised if...

18 Oct
Recipe to Riches

How much do I like my friend Dana McCauley? I like her enough to bump my weekly Modern Family fix to watch her in action. Dana is one of the judges on the new Food Network show Recipe to Riches. She joins a distintguished panel of...

17 Oct
Recipe: Plum Lavender Jam

Plums and nectarines

I always thought I had a pretty good childhood. Each winter, my father would make a skating rink in the back yard, which we and our friends would use for noisy hours on end. And when we came in bright pink and shivering, Mom defrosted us with mugs full of homemade hot chocolate. I had a grandmother who let me eat dessert first and an aunt who invited us to her cottage each summer for long weeks spent doing absolutely nothing in a way only a pre-Space-Invaders child could do. If there was one thing missing from my youth, it was a dog. I now know the missing element was actually an orchard.
12 Oct
Delicious Food Show Winner
I set 'em up. You delivered 'em. Punch lines, that is. Last week I asked you to come up with a great one-liner using the October 5th trivia I provided. The winner gets two tickets to the Delicious Food Show (courtesy Three Farmers Camelina Oil)  in Toronto, and Andrew and I get a few laughs. Everyone glommed onto the Monty Python reference. We got nudge-nudge, wink-winked by a few people -- online and off.  Kathryn even drew inspiration from the forest setting for a musical tribute using The Lumber Jack Song. And that's okay. But the stand out winner was Reena. She used not one but two of the references, deftly combining Monty Python's debut and Rodney Dangerfield's death in this oddly fitting punchline:
11 Oct
Recipe: Pear and Ginger Conserve
Someone, who looks suspicious like my husband, informs me that I missed the whole appreciation concept when I moaned about Thanksgiving in Saturday's post. Apparently, it's all about gratitude and love, not weather preferences. He's right. As usual. While I might not be ready to offer you pumpkin recipes, I was and am very grateful. For many things. Like this view of the garden. And my sister's help with the planting when the 200 daffodil and tulips bulbs I bought somehow expanded into 1200+ .
Jade Soup
08 Oct
Jade Soup
Jade Soup is bursting with leafy greens and herbs - I'm feeling rather ornery. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend but the weather is downright balmy and I can't face the thought of autumn, let alone winter. I don't care that the leaves are turning glorious colours or the nights are perfect sleeping-weather-cool. I don't want to make the obligatory pumpkin pie -- even if it's damned good. I don't want to slurp delicious squash soup or gobble succulent stuffed turkey. And if you're just a tad like me, you don't want to either. At least not this weekend. Not this early.
05 Oct
Nine years and counting

October 5th is a very important day. On this day: Monty Python made its debut on BBC (1969) Harry Chapin released Cat's in the Cradle (1975) Bob Geldof was born (1951) Rodney Dangerfield died (2004) But most importantly, on October 5, 2002 Andrew and I got married. I'm sure there's a...

Tonka bean crisp
04 Oct
Apple and Tonka Bean Crisp
No peaking. Just answer the question. What are tonka beans? Are they: a) a line of kids' toys b) an ancient Polynesian percussion instrument c) urban slang for "I don't care"
03 Oct
Recipe: Basil Cheddar Scones
Last week I was in Banff, Alberta, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. It was unseasonably warm and the cloudless sky was the shade of cerulean blue you find only in a paint box. It was mid-afternoon and I'd had nothing but airplane coffee and a packet of the biscuits you can only get at 35,000 feet. A local suggested my friend and I grab a bite at a nearby café. Being obedient tourists, we did as we were told. Hungry, but not wanting to spoil dinner, I went for soup. I expected to be taken by the homemade tomato and acho pepper soup and ordered the basil and cheddar scone merely to fill my stomach. I usually find bakery scones disappointing. They've sat on the counter too long. They're too dry, too bland, too expensive. I'm not bragging, but no bakery scone stands a chance against my fresh-from-the-oven ones. The ones I'm making in the photo on my about page. The ones I make every Christmas morning. The ones I want served at my wake.
Brunch with Julie Van Rosendaal - The Messy Baker
30 Sep
Brunch with Julie Van Rosendaal and friends
Brunch with Julie Van Rosendaal - The Messy Baker If you told me that I'd end my brunch at Julie Van Rosendaal's by stomping across her breakfast bench in my dress boots and spraying her windows with canola oil, I'd have dismissed your prediction as crazy. Sane or not, you'd have been right. My table manners are usually more refined, but we were trying to kill some wasps. Julie assured me that if you spray them with cooking oil, they'll immediately drop to the ground where you can finish them off. So, with Julie wielding a tea towel and me armed with a can of canola, we defended her home against winged intruders. Only my aim isn't that good and more ended up on Julie's lovely windows than on the wasps. The next time I visit, I'll bring a hostess gift of  Windex.

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