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Maison Orphee
09 May
SIAL Canada 2013: A Round Up of Canadian Content

Last week I went to the SIAL Canada Show in Toronto. It describes itself as a "one-of-a-kind opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition as you learn about innovative ideas and breaking trends in the agri-food industry!" But you know me. I went for the...

07 May
Homemade Crackers and Baklava Crisps

Altogether now. On the count of three, "Ivy, you're a genius!" Ivy Manning, author of Crackers & Dips: More than 50 Handmade Snacks (Chronicle ©2013), wasn't always receptive to this praise. As a caterer, she found complex dishes like Pheasant Under Glass went virtually unnoticed. But...

05 May
Crispy Chocolate Rice Squares

Swag. It used to mean some sort of garland or window dressing. But times have changed. Ignoring the Urban Dictionary's profanity-laced first definition, I pieced together other entries and conclude it's an overused term meaning one's personal style or attitude. I think it's the new...

Mushrooms Rockefeller makes a decadent appetizer -
01 May
Mushrooms Rockefeller

I got myself into this and I'm going to get myself out. I did not, repeat not, acquire a one-trick pony of a pan. I could point you to the Indian, Thai, Korean and Japanese variations of the aebleskiver, but really, they're all just spins on batter...

CookShelf App Review by
29 Apr
CookShelf App: A review and a Giveaway

I'm often asked to recommend cookbooks as gifts for someone's mother-in-law, sister, aunt, neighbour, co-worker, friend visiting from far off foreign lands. I feel a bit like I've been asked to select a paint colour for their living room without seeing the house let alone...

24 Apr
Leftover Pastry Dough – The Roly-Poly

Being born at the height of The Depression, my mother never wasted food. When there wasn't enough leftover pastry dough to top a chicken pot pie, she made a roly-poly.  She made them so often and with such authority, I assumed the roly-poly was the natural...

Wanted: Collective Nouns for the Kitchen —
22 Apr
Wanted: Collective Nouns for the Kitchen

Wanted: Nouns As cooks, we have enough verbs - although whether or not we should use them is up for debate. Knife in hand, you can mince, chop, dice, slice, Julienne and pare. Got at spoon? Stir, beat, cream, fold or spread. Add some heat and...

Classic, no fuss Lemon Meringue Pie -
19 Apr
Lemon Meringue Pie

There were no party hats. No streamers. No banner saying "Greaty at Eighty!" There wasn't so much as a candle. There was, however, pie. Simple, classic, 100%-from-scratch lemon meringue pie. Yesterday, my father turned 80. He marked the day by going about his business as usual. This...

17 Apr
Why I Don’t Post Nutritional Data

Step right up! Step right up! Don't be shy. Nothing to be afraid of. Just a little numbers game. Everyone's a winner. Every. One's. A winner! Looking for that one food, that one special ingredient that will make you taller, smarter, lighter, brighter, wealthier and...

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