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Cheddar with Avocado, Lime and Shell Pasta
21 Nov
Mac and Cheese Makeover | Cheddar, Avocado, Lime & Shell Pasta

Some cookbooks have a way of breathing life into everyday ingredients. Some produce delicious dishes you will turn to again and again. Others peek into foreign worlds — celebrity kitchens, orchard tours, or chef-approved culinary techniques. Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese by Stephanie...

14 Nov
Burma: Rivers of Flavour – An interview with Naomi Duguid

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi Duguid about her award-winning book Burma: Rivers of Flavor (Random House ©2012). In April, the book won the IACP award for Culinary Travel, and just last week was awarded Gold by Taste Canada —The Food Writing Awards...

Elizabeth Baird
12 Nov
Elizabeth Baird and Schnitz Pie

Go to your bookshelf. Pull out your most dog-eared, battered, and beloved cookbooks. Who wrote them? If you're Canadian, chances are at least one of them is by Elizabeth Baird and her intrepid team at the Canadian Living Test Kitchen. How many bear her name?...

07 Nov
Tomatillo Chicken – An Unexpected Canadian Harvest

When I was a child, my mother had a vegetable garden in the side yard. She grew runner beans and radishes, beets and Swiss chard. I remember neat rows of fancy-topped chives whose pungent smell drove me away, and giant bunches of rhubarb that whispered...

DWO email cover
31 Oct
Death Warmed Over

As a food blogger, I fail Halloween. I don't make jack-o-lantern cupcakes, witch finger cookies or any of the other ghoulish treats my colleagues are so adept at. I can barely work up the nerve to carve a pumpkin. The cold, wet, slimy insides freak...

Sunken Dark-Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Fool
29 Oct
Alice Eats Sunken Dark-Chocolate Cake

Describing this cookbook as unconventional would be misleading. It doesn't contain outrageously challenging recipes or impossible to get ingredients. You won't find odd flavour combinations or dishes that look like storybook animals. If I may mix my fictional elements, Alice Eats is the James Bond martini...

Concord Grape Sherbet by The Messy Baker.
11 Oct
Concord Grape Sherbet

Concord Grapes leave me conflicted. They fill up my senses in a way that would do John Denver proud. They also break my heart. When I see their deep blue-purple skins overflowing the baskets at the market stalls the joyful, creative part of me wants...

Reactive and non-reactive materials in your kitchen
10 Oct
What is a non-reactive pot or bowl

A lot of recipes, especially for jams and sauces, call for a non-reactive pot or bowl. When a recipe writer specifies a non-reactive vessel, we're not trying to be confusing or cryptic or sound like a know-it-all -- even if that's how we come off....

Concord Grape Jam
07 Oct
Canadian Food Experience Project – Concord Grape Jam

Growing up, my mom's homemade grape jam appeared on the table in recycled baby food jars with a paraffin wax seal. While the jam bubbled and the jars boiled, she melted bricks of wax on the stove top in an old tomato juice can with...

Our Wedding
05 Oct
Favourite Recipe Round-Up: Eleven Years In

Eleven years ago today, I was extremely busy. When I wasn't kissing the man behind the hat, I was getting my photos taken, greeting guests and exchanging vows. Today I spent an embarrassing amount of time poking about the archives of my computer. I was...

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