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27 Jun
Going bananas

I'm not a banana fan. They're so pushy. Put them in fruit salad and they will smother every ingredient but cantaloupe. They leap from peanut butter sandwiches just to annoy you, and will slime-up a perfectly decent cream pie. Banana splits force unwanted nutrition upon...

16 Jun
Gone Fishing

Sorry folks, I'm heading out of town for a much needed trek up north with a friend. We're heading to her parents' cottage which is nestled in a well-wooded, lakefront cell phone-dead zone. No phone, no TV, no computers. And that means no blog until...

15 Jun
Anything Goes

I really should keep better notes. This recipe came from a friend. Not sure which one. It's been spilled on and rewritten so many times I can't even vouch that the ingredients match the original. No matter, this quick and tasty marinade is versatile and...

14 Jun
Green Eggs and Ham

For those who like to blur the lines between fiction and reality, let it be known that while Dr. Seuss writes great nonsense verse, he is not the best source for culinary inspiration. Perhaps things would have turned out differently had my favourite book at...

13 Jun
Anger Management

I shouldn't have been so hasty to slag Scottish cuisine yesterday. While I find haggis revolting, oatmeal is one of my comfort foods, providing it arrives in dessert form. Porridge is another story, but I digress. When my computer woes went from bad to worse yesterday,...

12 Jun
Special Place in Hell

There's a special place in Hell for spammers. I spent a good chunk of my morning deleting postmaster notifications of delivery errors for e-mails I never sent. Apparently, someone near and dear to me has not been very diligent about their e-mail hygiene and caught...

09 Jun
Food porn

I'm beginning to wonder if food has gone the way of reality TV. Seems to me it's all about looks, lacks substance, and is hell bent for leather in its quest for the most outlandish production possible. No wonder one critic called haute cuisine "food...

08 Jun
When bad things happen to good cooks

The other day I suggested sangria can raise pedestrian wine to the level of ambrosia. So you won't think I'm some kind of miracle worker, please understand that while I'm good at salvaging borderline booze, I've been known to take perfectly good ingredients and render...

07 Jun
Food – the universal language

I used to teach adult ESL classes and regardless of the students' ethnicity, age or gender, food was the run away favourite theme. The mandatory units on driving often fell short since not everyone had a car or license. For some families, banking was a...

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