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11 Aug
Beau-ootiful Cauliflower Soup

The thermometer outside my office window reads a scant 14C (57F). A week ago, those digits were reversed and we were melting into puddles of gelatinous flesh. While some might be disappointed in the cooler weather, I'm excited by the prospect of Soup Season. Lewis Carol...

10 Aug

Wouldn't you know it? Yesterday, Blogger scheduled an outage right when I wanted to login. So much for modern technology and its creative solutions. Whether you're on the Internet or in the kitchen, complicated gadgetry can lead to frustration. I once had a food processor. It...

08 Aug
That Cake

Yesterday was a Civic Holiday here in Ontario. Since everyone had the day off, my family took the opportunity to celebrate my mother's birthday. I was given the job of bringing dessert. Mom asked me to make a recipe she'd clipped from the paper, and...

05 Aug
Tuscan Whole Milk

Okay, now I've seen everything. Amazon is selling milk. As if movies, videos, books, and gifts weren't enough, they've moved into groceries. Even with overnight delivery, you've gotta wonder how fresh it will be when it arrives at your doorstep. Whether or not digital dairy orders...

02 Aug
Fighting Fire with Fire Green Curry

While North Americans turn to ice-cold drinks in an attempt to counteract this percolating heat, these frosty beverages provide little more than temporary relief and the odd ice cream headache. Perhaps it's time we gave up our flirtation with Freon and trifled with more tropical...

01 Aug
Bottoms Up

I'm contemplating beverage relief from this tenacious heatwave. I know that water is the best thing for me right now, but have guzzled so much I make sloshing noises when I walk. In keeping with my strict don't drink and write policy, I'll forego the...

28 Jul

I've created a monster. My husband, who likes caramel, took exception to yesterday's blog. During his defense of this over-used flavour, we wound up in a face off over the correct pronunciation of caramel. He, despite his PhD, pronounced it "CAR-mel". Well, as a former ESL...

27 Jul
The Great Caramel Assault

Every few years the food industry picks a new pet flavour. It's not exactly "new", but they add it to existing products to create "new and improved" versions of old goods to increase buyer interest. A few years ago mint was all the rage. Mint...

26 Jul
From Scratch Moroccan Chicken

I'm not a particularly patient person, which is why some people are amazed that I take the time to cook from scratch. Well, if the powers that be made better convenience foods, I might reconsider, but currently, that's not an option. Most tinned or pre-packaged...

25 Jul
Tuscan Sausages

I was looking through some old family recipes and noticed how short they were. The instructions, and sometimes even the amounts given for the ingredients, assumed you know how to make the dish. These recipes served mainly to prod the memory, not teach. Unlike the...

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