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31 Aug
Move over KFC

What's for supper tonight? Digital Fried Chicken. Being a professional foodie isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Sure, I get to play in the kitchen, impress my hungry friends with the results and get paid for it. I can legitimately business expense cookbooks, food...

30 Aug
Peel Me a Grape

In the grocery store the other day, I was hit by a distinctive aroma as I passed the produce section. To my delight I saw a large display of concord grapes. While I mourn the end of summer, autumn does offer up persuasive apologies -...

29 Aug
Grammatically Correct Marshmallow Squares

Standing in line at Starbucks waiting to order a latte, I found myself wondering why they don't use the possessive case (really, it should be "Starbuck's"). Since pointing out the error to the barista was unlikely to correct this grammatical faux pas, I distracted myself...

28 Aug
Hell-O Jell-O

Vacations often present unanticipated adventures. En route to Baltimore, we went through Le Roy, NY and just had to stop at the Jell-O Museum. I was expecting a Disney-style tribute to "America's most famous dessert" but instead found an intimate, intriguing display as unassuming as...

16 Aug
Mouth-Watering Baltimore

Having survived the carnivorous wisteria, I'm heading out of town on a roadtrip. Although my domestic accomplice says we're going to Baltimore to see the Jays play the Orioles, I know the true reason for our 10-hour jaunt is he's dying to see The National...

14 Aug
Plant Food

When I transplanted my beautiful but invasive chameleon plant into containers this weekend, I was surprised by its spicy aroma -- hints of cilantro and lemon. Invigorated by the fragrance, I briefly considered its culinary potential, but still stinging from my failed bee balm tea,...

11 Aug
Beau-ootiful Cauliflower Soup

The thermometer outside my office window reads a scant 14C (57F). A week ago, those digits were reversed and we were melting into puddles of gelatinous flesh. While some might be disappointed in the cooler weather, I'm excited by the prospect of Soup Season. Lewis Carol...

10 Aug

Wouldn't you know it? Yesterday, Blogger scheduled an outage right when I wanted to login. So much for modern technology and its creative solutions. Whether you're on the Internet or in the kitchen, complicated gadgetry can lead to frustration. I once had a food processor. It...

08 Aug
That Cake

Yesterday was a Civic Holiday here in Ontario. Since everyone had the day off, my family took the opportunity to celebrate my mother's birthday. I was given the job of bringing dessert. Mom asked me to make a recipe she'd clipped from the paper, and...

05 Aug
Tuscan Whole Milk

Okay, now I've seen everything. Amazon is selling milk. As if movies, videos, books, and gifts weren't enough, they've moved into groceries. Even with overnight delivery, you've gotta wonder how fresh it will be when it arrives at your doorstep. Whether or not digital dairy orders...

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