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24 Oct
Foot-in-mouth Syndrome

I just came back from a weekend away in Stratford (Ontario, not England). Andrew and I decided a short getaway would be just the thing to celebrate 4 years' of marriage and my new gig as a travel and food writer (which explains why I've...

09 Oct
Three Pounds of Coffee and a Hedgehog

Not your average Thanksgiving haul. But then my family is a tad unusual. It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and since our anniversary was only last week, we double-dipped with the celebrating. To mark the occasion, my in-laws came up from Kingston with 3 pounds of...

05 Oct
Anniversary Truffles

This colourful creation was my wedding cake (we were married four years ago today). Instead of a traditional three-layered cake coated in white icing, I went for a croquembouche -- but not your classic pile of caramel drizzled profiteroles. No, on my big day...

01 Oct
Patchwork Chicken Curry

Sometimes I end up with a pantry brimming with half-portions of ingredients left over from previous cooking endeavours - a cup of tinned tomatoes from a batch of chili, a handful of candied ginger from a cookie recipe I was developing, cashew crumbs from butter...

26 Sep
Pick Your Poison Spanikopita

I'm stunned. The ecoli-infected spinach has crossed the US border and is now in Canada. I didn't think anything got past security these days without a passport and a strip search. Seems green veggies are exempt from this kind of scrutiny. I bet they even...

20 Sep
Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rumballs

I can't believe I missed it. September 19th was international Talk Like A Pirate Day. I could have gone around annoying everyone with phrases like "Avast, Matey! Go to the bung hole and fetch me some grog!" and "Weigh anchor or I'll give you a...

20 Sep
Double Trouble Ginger Cookies

The tree outside my bedroom window is turning a golden red as we move past the halfway point of September. This glorious hue is often called "ginger" and reminds me of golden retrievers and freckle-faced red heads. Not actually the colour of ginger root, it...

15 Sep
Crayola Chefs

I've often wondered if Star Trek replicator technology would change the way we eat. Could humanity be counted on to make a wise choice in a world where a tofu stir fry and a bacon double cheese burger are as easily accessed? If the chef...

11 Sep
Kiss Me Quick Hummus

Belly dance class starts again soon and I'm all set to go. I've secured the coins on my jingly hip scarf and have finally found the bumper sticker I filed away for safe keeping (okay, lost) until the start of the new session. It reads...

09 Sep
Zen Bread

Someone restrain me. I'm about to go to the year's biggest knitting fair and spend all my life's savings on ridiculously expensive wool and patterns I'll never have time to knit. Even if I started right now, gave up sleep and did nothing else 24...

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