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19 Nov
Eating Crow

I'm easily swayed by shiny things and cooking experts. Elizabeth Baird claims a stand mixer is a must for bakers. So, despite my previous harsh statements about useless kitchen gadgets, when a brand spanking new stand mixer was on sale for a fraction of its...

13 Nov
No More Sushi Shame

I know I run the risk of being kicked out of the foodie club with the following statement, but the municipal elections have me scrapping for a fight, so here goes. I don't like sushi. Followers of raw fish all have the same response when they...

10 Nov
Remembrance Day Poppy (Seed Bars)

When I was in grade five, we memorized In Flanders Field by Colonel John McCrae and held a small memorial service in our classroom on November 10th (November 11th was a civic holiday and we were expected to attend the parade.) I recall spending days...

05 Nov
Conspiracy Theory

I have been persnickety about Rachael Ray in the past. Since my blog is supposed to focus on my emotional connection with food, not my visceral dislike of the frog-voiced, jarringly perky Ms Ray, I promised myself I'd stop. After all, just because she makes...

02 Nov
The Ghost of Hallowe’en Past

This is a photo of me and my father in costume back in 1967. We were in period dress to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday, but since I couldn't find a photo of me as a kid at Hallowe'en, it'll have to do. My point is,...

28 Oct
Microwave Haute Couture

The basic way we cook hasn't changed much since our cave dwelling ancestors charred mammoth steaks over an open fire. Modern gas barbecues and electric ovens still apply heat externally to the food in question, cooking the item from the outside in. Depending on the...

24 Oct
Foot-in-mouth Syndrome

I just came back from a weekend away in Stratford (Ontario, not England). Andrew and I decided a short getaway would be just the thing to celebrate 4 years' of marriage and my new gig as a travel and food writer (which explains why I've...

09 Oct
Three Pounds of Coffee and a Hedgehog

Not your average Thanksgiving haul. But then my family is a tad unusual. It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and since our anniversary was only last week, we double-dipped with the celebrating. To mark the occasion, my in-laws came up from Kingston with 3 pounds of...

05 Oct
Anniversary Truffles

This colourful creation was my wedding cake (we were married four years ago today). Instead of a traditional three-layered cake coated in white icing, I went for a croquembouche -- but not your classic pile of caramel drizzled profiteroles. No, on my big day...

01 Oct
Patchwork Chicken Curry

Sometimes I end up with a pantry brimming with half-portions of ingredients left over from previous cooking endeavours - a cup of tinned tomatoes from a batch of chili, a handful of candied ginger from a cookie recipe I was developing, cashew crumbs from butter...

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