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21 Jan
Misnamed Apples

Be careful what you tell children. They will believe you. My husband's mother has a quirky sense of humour and jokingly raised her family on Apple George. Andrew was in university before he found out -- the hard way -- that the rest of the English-speaking...

13 Jan
Recipe Rat

My ratatouille recipe's gone AWOL, but a few minutes ago I pulled a pink index card from my knitting bag with the ingredients for sweet potato casserole scribbled on it -- no title or instructions, just ingredients. I was looking for my tape measure but...

06 Jan
The Cure for Cardboard Tomatoes and Plastic Peas

Fellow blogger Jodi DeLong posted a comment the other day that got me thinking. She mentions that this time of year truly fresh veggies are hard to come by. "Locally grown" produce can be shipped from anywhere within a 24-hour drive (and we all know...

02 Jan

Not since my father's green egg fiasco has a breakfast order caused so much fuss. Apparently, the local diner has trouble with scrambled eggs. My order came, not with a mound of fluffy butter yellow eggs, but as a thin failed omelet crumpled like a used...

01 Jan
5 Things You Don’t Know About my New Year’s Resolutions

I was recently tagged at Nomadik with the Five Things You Don't Know About Me game. I thought the whole mortifying experience was behind me, until a coworker tagged me with his own variation called Five New Year's Resolutions. Hmmm. I'm not a big one for...

31 Dec
This blog brought to you by Sesame Street

I love when people think outside the recipe box. Recently, my sister was making butternut squash soup and found it a bit lacking. Don't ask how she went from soup to Sesame Street, but she remembered how each episode was brought to you by a...

23 Dec
Best of Both Worlds

I recently complained that I couldn't think of something savory to serve while I had sweets coming out my wazoo. Well, the following recipe is a bit of both. Sweet brown-sugared whisky over mellow Brie, all bundled into a bite-sized tart. I relate the following story...

20 Dec
Camphor and Carols

Instead of spending the past two weeks downing rum-laced eggnog and doing things to land me firmly on Santa's Naughty list, I've been clutching a bottle of Buckley's and croaking like a frog. Although my fingers were unaffected by the laryngitis, my brain wasn't so...

01 Dec
The Countdown Continues

With only 24 baking days left until Christmas, I'm ahead of schedule for sending my holiday guests into diabetic shock. The Nanaimo Bars are cut into tidy squares, butter tarts are baked to sugary perfection, the ginger cookies have just the right amount of crinkle...

25 Nov
Battle of the Bars

I just love it when cooks get into a scrap. According to A Century of Canadian Home Cooking (Prentice Hall, 1992), the origin of Nanaimo Bars is "a hot topic of debate". Despite their sweetness, these innocent looking squares can get culinary tempers flaring. Should...

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