Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup by The Messy Baker

29 Aug Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup by The Messy Baker

The weather has cooled just as I feel squashed against the ceiling of my baking limit. At a time when I can’t face another bag of flour or brick of butter, the overnight temperatures dip to chilly, pull-up-the-blankets digits. I awake to the hum of the furnace, the tip of my nose cold to the touch. The cat has slept at our feet, something he hasn’t done since June. I wrap my furriest housecoat around my middle before stumbling to the kitchen to make hot, heart-pumping coffee.

Some lament nights like these, knowing they mean the end of summer. I rejoice. While I am in no rush for winter and will miss the summer fruits in ways that border on illegal, cooler temperatures mean I can make soup without fear of turning our tiny, non-air-conditioned house into a sauna.

To celebrate, I created this soup for the Blend & Extend challenge. This Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup is a ramped up variation of the mushroom bisque I inhaled during my university years. It was warming and easy to make, but had little protein to keep me going. Beef adds staying power, smoked paprika — unheard of in my college days — adds depth. Cayenne keeps things interesting. And it’s all smoothed out with a bit of sour cream.

Hungarian Beef & Mushroom Soup by The Messy Baker

After a few days of cool weather and stovetop cooking, I’ll return to the oven and bake. Perhaps a batch of savory biscotti to dip in the broth. Or some hearty seed bread to stick to my housecoat-wrapped ribs. Or scones. Scones never disappoint.

Oh, the possibilities. As varied as paprika itself.

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  • Mushrooms Canada
    Posted at 12:52h, 29 August Reply

    This soup looks absolutely fantastic! It’s a soup full of flavour’s that would go so wonderfully together and I love the use of the Blend & Extend concept. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Charmian Christie
      Posted at 13:04h, 29 August Reply

      I wish I had thought of adding beef back in my school days! Might have helped with the studies.

      Glad you like the flavours. Beef and mushroom work so well with spices without being overwhelmed. I love that kind of cooking! Thanks for inviting me to take part.

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