Kitchen Disasters & Fixes | One-Day, One-Dollar

01 Jun Kitchen Disasters & Fixes | One-Day, One-Dollar

Kitchen Disasters & Fixes App -

Spend a dollar. Save a dinner. 

Not a bad slogan.

May 1st my app launched. A month later, I’m celebrating with a sale. Today only, Kitchen Disasters and Fixes is priced at $0.99. Both the iTunes version and the Android version are  2/3 off the regular price of $2.99. (Note: Android prices are set on the day, not in advance, so if the price hasn’t been updated yet, please don’t write me angry emails. My tech people are in California and are likely sound asleep as I write this. It will change! The iTunes price is currently set at $0.99. Phew!)

My newsletter subscribers got the heads up on the sale yesterday and, as requested, are kindly sending me the details of their culinary struggles for a chance to win a line of PaperChef culinary parchment products. (See membership does have its privileges.) If their issue isn’t covered in my app, I’m going to add it to the next version.

As a thank you to the first person to respond to my newsletter plea, I’m addressing Kathyrn B’s struggle with making a roux for a white sauce. This is straight from the app. In the live version, the underlined words would take you to other entries where you would get more information. Here, they’re just underlined to illustrate how the entries interlink. Once the app is downloaded you don’t need Internet access to use the app because, unlike the creators of certain cooking apps, I know not all kitchens have wifi!

Not a newsletter subscriber? You can still share your culinary struggles for a chance to win something. I’m giving away a free iTunes version of the app. I’ll announce it tomorrow. Just leave a comment and tell me what stumps you in the kitchen. One lucky winner will get a copy of my app, and if the app doesn’t already address your issue, I’ll find a fix for the next version. How’s that for a deal?



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  • Jan Greco
    Posted at 18:35h, 01 June Reply

    Ha! Where were you last weekend when it was 90% humidity and my strawberry buttercream frosting kept separating?!?

    • Charmian Christie
      Posted at 23:16h, 03 June Reply

      I was busy planting a garden. But if it makes you feel any better, I made buttercream in 90% humidity (in a heatwave!) two years ago for my sister’s wedding cake. Nearly killed me. I ended up chilling the icing because the kitchen was so hot it kept melting. However, I believe putting the bowl of separated buttercream in an ice bath will allow you to whip it back into shape.

      My app doesn’t actually have a solution for buttercream but I will definitely add that to the upgrade! Thanks for sharing your woes.

  • Robin Smar
    Posted at 15:19h, 02 June Reply

    Hard to keep the price at a dollar, when your app is priceless. My specialty is finding out I’m missing an ingredient when I’m half way through a meal. Does your app talk emergency substitutes?


    • Charmian Christie
      Posted at 23:20h, 03 June Reply

      Substitutes could be an entire app on their own. There are just so many possibilities I decided I wouldn’t address it since it was too big a subject.

      Of course — you know what I’m going to say — putting the ingredients out before you start will solve this issue. But that kind of advice is just plain old annoying. I do this kind of thing myself, even though I know better. I use The Food Substitutions Bible when that happens. Invaluable. Wish there was an app for that. (David Joachim, are you reading this?)

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