National Toast Day Winner


25 Mar National Toast Day Winner

Who knew so many of you were toast fans? And with such diverse tastes. Some like their toast light, others call anything short of dark brown “wimpy.” You gobble it slathered with butter of all kinds. — plain, maple and peanut. While sweet jam go a few mentions, salty Marmite got an enthusiastic direct shout out from one reader. And eggs? Only one advocate commented. Poor eggs. Maybe they need a day of their own.

Gotta say, I didn’t expect to laugh or get emotional over toast, but one commenter’s last name is frequently mispronounced as “toast”, which made me smile. Oh, I feel for her. Believe me. I do.

Another commenter got me all misty-eyed. I, too, had a pull-down-the-side toaster when I was in university. I wore it out. It had been my grandmother’s and I just adored it, even though I burned the bread more often than not.

And the winner? A long-time reader and butter fan, Kathryn B gets the gift basket courtesy of Gay Lea Foods.

Ironically, I’m awarding the toast basket on International Waffle Day. But waffles can be brutalized, too, so perhaps it’s fitting.

Thanks to all who entered and signed the Facebook petition. The food bank thanks you too.



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