GEMS of Gluten-Free Baking Winners


04 Oct GEMS of Gluten-Free Baking Winners

Some days I wish I could be Oprah. I want to point to everyone around me and shout, “And YOU win a book , and YOU win a book, and YOU win a book!”

While I normally give away a single book, this week I have the privilege of giving away TWO copies of GEMS of Gluten-Free Baking by Wendy Turnbull, thanks to the generous people at Whitecap. So, using my best Oprah voice, I thrust my index finger in the air and bellow into the Internet:

Lisa Walton?! You win a book!

And Cari Snell? You win a book!

Yay! Wild applause. Lots of hugging and jumping up and down. This makes Monday worth getting up for.

How’d they win? Lisa was a new newsletter subscriber and Cari won me over with her desire to bake gluten-free goodies, not for herself, but for a girlfriend who can’t eat wheat. Sniff.

Ladies, I’ll be contacting you by email later today.

Tomorrow, I’m on CTV News at Noon talking about stuffed vegetables — this recipe is gluten-free, too. Tune in if you live in South Western Ontario. Even if you can’t catch the show, no worries. I’ll be posting the recipe along with some tips.

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