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29 Dec Burr Grinders


Coffee Boy got a burr grinder for Christmas — a mid-range Krups GVX2-12. While this little gadget will not get its own weekly serial, as did last year’s whisky aging kit, it definitely earned its racy model number.

Confession time: I thought a burr grinder was one of those things with more snob appeal than real value. But after a couple of coffee-expert friends (including Kristine Hansen, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Coffee & Tea) recommended a burr system, I decided Andrew might like one. Besides, I was out of gift ideas and had less than 24 hours shopping time left.

I also openly admit I did no research into brands whatsoever. On Christmas Eve, after deciding on a burr grinder, I went to a trusted cookware store and bought the only model they sell. Case closed.

I am stunned to admit the coffee does, in fact, smell and taste better. My espresso-roast releases a chocolate aroma, while Andrew’s is fuller but less bitter. After brewing, the coffee also tastes more layered.

We have only two complaints. 1) The grinder occasionally jams, which is fixed with a gentle shake. 2) The white setting numbers on stainless steel are hard to read. Otherwise, we are happy with the product, which comes in at under $100. (Some burr grinders can cost four times this amount.)

The trusty old Braun coffee grinder has been wiped clean and is now a designated spice grinder. Good thing, too. I got some long-pod pepper for Christmas, thanks to Dana McCauley’s suggestion and numerous hints, and it’s too big for my pepper mill.

So, what kitchen gadgets did you get for Christmas?

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  • cheryl
    Posted at 11:09h, 29 December Reply

    Alas, no gadgets for me this holiday, but when I was staying at my in-laws’ house I think I got to experience a burr grinder close-up. I have no idea if it was the same kind you have, but I will say it was louder than a foghorn. Is yours noisy or quiet?

  • Diana Burrell
    Posted at 11:39h, 29 December Reply

    Interesting to hear this as I’ve always wondered if one could taste/smell the difference. Hmm, maybe when I’ve got an extra $100 hanging around … 😉

    I have three Braun grinders — one for coffee, one for spices, and one for chiles. Now that’s sad.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:55h, 29 December Reply

    Not too exciting, but I did get a silicone coated wisk so that I won’t destroy my stainless steel bowls or coated pans anymore when I wisk up a little something.

    – jj

  • Dana McCauley
    Posted at 14:59h, 29 December Reply

    Yeah! You got some long peppercorns! I hope you like them. Although they are good ground, I add them whole to broths and sauces and them toss them out later like bay leaves, too.

    Thanks for the intel about the coffee grinder. When ours dies, I’ll check out this kind.

    As for gadgets, I didn’t get any but I did get a substantial gift certificate for Ashely’s and with it I plan to buy a new pepper grinder, a couple of digital timers and some new everyday dishes.

  • Christie's Corner
    Posted at 23:18h, 29 December Reply

    Cheryl, our burr grinder isn’t much louder than the Braun blade grinder. Scares the cats, but the neighbours have yet to complain.

    Diana, I love the idea of a grinder just for chilies. And it’s not sad at all. At least, not sadder than spending $100 on a coffee grinder. :-)

    JJ, I’ve never seen a silicon-coated whisk. It sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to look for one. Great gadgets don’t have to cost a fortune to be impressive.

    Dana, yes, I finally got long peppercorns. I thought they had a cedar smell to them. I’ll add one to my next batch of broth! Thanks for the suggestion. Hope you have fun spending your gift certificate!

  • Divawrites
    Posted at 10:31h, 30 December Reply

    My husband came home with a grind and brew coffee pot from the boxing day madness…er sales. It works pretty well, and since I’m the only coffee drinker for the most part, I can set it to my preference.

    It made up for the robot vaccuum that also made its way into the house “to try to help me keep the house clean….” He was wise enough to give me the coffeemaker first…

  • Christie's Corner
    Posted at 11:26h, 31 December Reply

    Diva, your husband wins the Worst Present Sentiment Award. Glad you can keep your sense of humour about this! Enjoy your coffee while the robot vacuum does all the work!

  • Carolyn Erickson
    Posted at 16:21h, 04 January Reply

    It’s lovely! And burr grinders do make coffee so much more flavorful. I was a skeptic too, until we bought one.

    No kitchen or housekeeping presents for me this year. DH did get me some socks, but only because I actually asked for some. 😉

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