It’s Soup Week


20 Oct It’s Soup Week


I know you didn’t actually give me an mandate to blog about soup for an entire week, but we’re heading into soup season and I wasn’t sure how to cover Thai, French and Indian cuisine another way.

So, this week, I’ll be cooking up some slurpy delights.

If you’re impatient, I have several soup recipes in the archives and thought I’d ease into things by pointing you to a few of the most popular ones.

Scottish Lentil Soup: For some reason this is one of the most read posts in my blog’s history. I guess the name is popular because this recipe gets a hit at least once a week, regardless of the weather. A gentle, slightly nutty soup, this comfort food is easy to make and goes with hearty bread and nippy cheese.

Spicy Mushroom Bisque: Cayenne kicks this up a notch and makes it one of my favourite cold weather starters. It’s not a meal in a bowl, but will take the edge of a chill. (Note to Robin, this is TOO spicy for you. Omit cayenne if you ever attempt it.)

Desperation Sweet Potato Soup: Feel free to fiddle with the ingredients of this fridge-clearing soup. Use it as a spring board for inspiration.

Cheddar Apple Soup: Since it’s apple season, we might as well include an apple recipe. Published with generous permission from Rose Murray’s A Taste of Canada, this a lovely soup requires aged cheddar. Don’t even think Velveeta!

Avgolemono: A soup for lemon-lovers. I often have this if I feel a cold coming on. Maybe it’s the chicken broth? Maybe it’s the lemon juice? Maybe it’s just thinking of sunny Greece?

Lentil and Lemon: This soup is tangy and satisfying. Nutritious and delicious. Not just good, it’s good for you. Pick a cliche, any cliche, so long as the soup fits.

Happy slurping until tomorrow…

Photos © basheertome, published under a Creative Commons License.

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  • Cheryl
    Posted at 12:29h, 20 October Reply

    I’m completely on a soup kick now and made a huge batch of lentil soup last night. I want to check out your recipe now, too. I also need to share your cheddar-apple soup recipe with one of my readers. She was hankering for something with those two foods and I bet she’d love this soup!

  • Dana McCauley
    Posted at 16:55h, 20 October Reply

    We do soup all year round. My son Oliver is a soup-a-holic and my mother is his bootlegger. Seriously, I come home to find 750 mL containers of soup in my fridge with little notes from her to him attached.

    i make soup as well but somehow I feel guilty honing in on their thing and make it mostly when she’s away and Oliver would be otherwise soupless.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 17:16h, 20 October Reply

    Dear Charmain,
    I love soup at any time of the year. I love it because it tastes so good, and because for the same amount of effort you can make a tripple batch, freeze it in empty icecream tubs (we have gazillions at our house) then pop into the crock pot on your way out and supper is ready at 6:00.

  • Lisa magicsprinkles
    Posted at 21:43h, 21 October Reply

    LOVE this photo. It made me smile – thanks for the warm fuzzy.

  • Christie's Corner
    Posted at 22:52h, 21 October Reply

    Who knew there were so many soup fans out there?

    Cheryl, let me know how your friend likes the cheddar apple soup.

    Dana, when your freezer is full send your mother over to my place.

    Robin, frozen soup and crockpots are handy. I often use the crockpot to make the soup initially, too.

    Lisa, thanks. I liked the photo too. Even thought I haven’t had alphabet soup in years, it sums up the theme nicely. Credit goes to basheertome and Creative Commons.

  • AC
    Posted at 17:15h, 22 October Reply

    I’m totally trying the mushroom soup…SOON.

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